Povestea Ie

        In the garden that I've grown up in for 20 years, I find myself questioning my identity being a Romanian woman. I haven't lost my Romanian identity, I never had it to begin with. Since my grandmothers recent visit to Canada I had the chance to make this National Costume with her. As she is dressing me I am claiming this identity that I have felt detached from my whole life.

       My grandmother told me a story of when her kids where younger, her son needed a National Costume for school. She was working tirelessly to provide for her family, crammed with 6 people in a small apartment. She used her skills that she learned from her own mother to create something that holds a certain type of pride in us Romanians. This National Costume. 

After my grandmother dressed me, she looked at me and said "Now you are a real "Româncă'" (Romanian Woman).