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Maria, 2020

       In Romanian society art making is frowned upon when self-expression comes into play. Nudity is even more so hidden and very taboo. Being a Canadian immigrant, I have often questioned my identity, shifting between Canadian and Romanian societies. “What does it mean for me to be a Romanian Woman situated in North America”. In an Orthodox household self-expression is very limited, vulnerability, intimacy and nudity are not something that is common it is rather shameful. Maria is a reflection on my father’s refusal and disappointment towards my search for my identity. There are many times when I have rejected my Romanian identity by the way I express myself, that is not deemed “appropriate” in the eyes of my family or culture. While removing a Romanian National Costume which I made by hand, I recite the words of my father. This is not about my father but about how, Romania as a society tied to religious and cultural beliefs, has made me want to confront and challenge the systems of sexual repression.

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